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Our values

Professional Solutions

Since 1989 our mission has been simple: to provide high quality equipment to defense and security professionals wherever they are and whatever their mission.

Our values


True to its mission, our entire team is committed to following the same guideline: providing you with Professional Solutions; and because your time is precious, we are committed to meeting our customers' requests only if we are sure we can meet them.


Serving those who are committed to protecting us is a great privilege. Maintaining lasting trust with our customers allows us to maintain this privilege, which is why at Welkit the franchise is and will remain an immutable value to our company. We would always rather be upfront with you even if it means losing a sale than fail to maintain that trust.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of defense and security, Welkit is constantly improving its know-how. Continuously in search of innovations, our R&D team strives every day to create the best Professional Solution for your missions.


We make it a point of honor to respect the privacy of our customers and our employees. We know that your job is at risk, which is why we make sure that everyone with whom we work, whether internally or externally, complies with data protection directives, and respects our security rules.